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Portrait of Mr. Bubbles and myself (Oil Paints)
Recreated Painting of Foothills Jade IPA (Acrylic Paint Markers)
Portrait of Ms. Biddy (Oil Paints)
Tile Slates (Acrylic Paint Markers)
YouTuber: Jack Septic Eye "How Did We Get Here?" (Acrylic Paint Markers on Canvas Board)
Destiny and LSU designs on Slate Tile (Acrylic Paint Markers)
Unicorn Dab (Acrylic Paint Markers on Canvas)
Dragonflies on Slate Tile (Acrylic Paint Markers)
Cross Stitching Projects
"Birch Trees" via TheArtSherpa (Acrylic Paint)
Horse Painting on Wood
The Riley Dog (Acrylic on Canvas Board)
"Gir" Character from Invader Zim Cartoon (Acrylic Paint Markers)
"HOME" on Slate Tile (Acrylic Paint Markers)
Clock - Two Drawing Styles (Pencil)
Sign for Horse Stable
(Wood Burned Outline / Stained Lettering / Sealed with Glaze)
Lori Petty in "Tank Girl" (Pencil)
Puppy (Prisma Colors)
Willy Pogany Influenced (Pencil)
Coy Fish (Oil Paints)
Deer (Oil Paints)
Horse (Acrylics)
Still Life (Oil Paints)
First Painting (Oil Paints)
Chapter Headers (Pen & Photoshop)
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Hand Rendered
Freelance, Full-time
Michelle Virgo
Visual Communication Designer Winston-Salem, NC