Inspiration for the game came from the children's toy 'Magnext'. Magnext uses a series of interconnecting modules in sequence with spherical magnets to create a highly customisable building set. I wanted to create these modules within a 3D environment and use them to create a simple game that handled the Magnext brand IP in a way similar to the Lego series of games.
The four main game elements
3D modelled versions of the Magnext modules.
A simple construction using the four main modules connected by the spherical magnets.
The modelling process
Early composition tests
The final game was created in Unity. These images show some of the work behind creating the games star field effects.
Renders showing the real world models and my final 3D modelled counterparts.
Garuda: 3D top down space shooter

A 2nd year self initiated game project. Garuda is a space based shoot 'em up designed for use on tablets and phones. It was designed to emulate the game play of old school arcade games but used models designed using the Magnext line of construction toys in the same vein as the Lego franchise of games.

Matt Heaney
Hull, United Kingdom