Meeting at the Line
Pontoon Parade - Memories of fishing trips up in Canada with my Dad and good friends.
Hallowed Handro
Master Chefs
gotcha!! - "made you look"
Lonely Dave vs the Goliath ShipWrecker!!
Hockey bot! - beep beep
Punish - Just hope he is on your team
SHUMEL - General of the east
Magma Mine - Get your free heat!
Old Train - I actually did this about a year ago but felt like reposting it, still brings back good memories
Morning has broken
Oil Paintings - Cloud studies
Oil Paintings - Prescott Arizona!
dreamcube - ...each dreamcube has it's own overseer, a shepherd. We all must visit our own cube during sleep. It is the dream shepherds that create and cultivate the worlds in which we visit.
Quest for the Burger KING
Everyone's favorite Crayons!
LIGHT_FOOT - Snow walker of the far far north...
For Fun
Matt Betteker
Design Master - Concept Artist at LEGO Billund, Denmark