Thesis Project: Massey Ferguson Tractor Model - The Model was designed to provide better visibility for the user. The Cab and mirrors provide a better 360-degree visibility. The model is mobile and the base was made to showcase the Tractor in its environment. The logo & text on the sign was CNC Laser engraved on white acrylic plastic and painted. ©2005
Tractor Model Process
Silver Paint
Final Paint with Clear Coat
Structural Principals-Timber Frame Barn - Each piece interconnects like mortise and tenon connections. The main frames are one piece and are attached via the horizontal bars. They were drawn in AutoCAD and then CNC laser cut out of clear Acrylic plastic. It was painted using a textured tan paint to give a wood like appearance. ©2004
Model Making-Digital Movie Player - It was made from Acrylic plastic and constructed like a real product. The screen rotates open or closed and is removable on its axis. There is an access panel on the bottom as well. This was before movies were on phones and portable players came out.
Exhibit Design-Jeep Exhibit - This Exhibit Design was a Group Project. It was a team effort, everyone had an input with the design and construction of the model. My contribution was building the model and the main support framing which is made from Aluminite that was cut out using a CNC machine.
Package Design-Milk Container - The concept behind this design was ergonomics. The handle is ideal for transportation or ease of pouring out milk. The label and name was created by me, it was designed using Photoshop. ©2005
Milk Container Sketches
Milk Container-Process 1 - Made from MDF and covered with a Bondo Resin mix.
Milk Container-Process 2 - Made from MDF and covered with a Bondo Resin mix.
Milk Container-Process 3 - Made from MDF and covered with a Bondo Resin mix.
Furniture Design-Entertainment Stand - The TV Stand was designed for any location i.e. apartments, homes, etc. Its small versatility yet stable construction is great for large TV's or small flat panels. ©2004
Full Scale Entertainment Stand - This is the semi-finished full scale version of the model.
Jeep Exhibit Rendering

These are models I created while attending college.

Mark B
Industrial Designer Los Angeles, CA