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Whale -- 2018

Digital illustration - Vector
"Endure and Survive" - Quoted from The Last of Us video game spoken by Ellie.
Digital illustration - Vector
Sleeping whistling girl
Digital illustration - Vector
Bee Mandala
Digital illustration - Vector
Bee and polygon honeycombs.
Digital illustration - Vector
Black and white line drawing
Digital illustration - Vector
Monochromatic acrylic painting. December 2016
Coloured pencils on kraft paper - 2004
Pen and ink plus photoshop colouring - 2016
Space Rabbit - Markers with Photoshop elements
Whales - Markers with Photoshop elements
Bears - Sketchbook drawing on paper, colouring done in Photoshop
Man vs. Man vs. Man

Marker drawing coloured on paper, scanned and enhanced in Photoshop.
What David Bowie would look like if he were a cat. RIP David Bowie - 2016
My rendition of The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe
Flying Pug - Done in illustrator CS3
Wendigo - Done in Illustrator CS3
Flying Pugs
Japanese Koi Fish - Wildcard submissions for Le Nichoire

©Curious Little Bird and Melanie Audet
Old Man Winter - Wildcard submissions for Le Nichoire

©Curious Little Bird and Melanie Audet
Birds on a branch - An acrylic painting, 36"x12". Essentially the story is exactly what you see... Birds on a branch!
Geisha Girl in a Frame - This is the exact same drawing as the mixed media/digitally coloured Geisha, except this one's done on canvas and acrylic paint, with Japanese paper cut out in the shape of the kimono and glued on with a gel medium.
Geisha Girl - A pencil sketch outlined with an artist's pen, then scanned and coloured in Photoshop. I also used Japanese papers scanned in Photoshop to pattern the kimono.
Tucker in the field - This is a chalk pastel painting, size 18" x 24" that I did for a client in Toronto.
Dumb Luck - Acrylic on canvas board
Floating Buddha - 12x24" acrylic and mixed media painting of my interpretation of buddha.
Bad Fit - Acrylic on Drawing Board
Elmo - Chalk Pastel 25x30in
The Elves and the Shoemaker - Acrylic on canvas 20x20 in
The Frog Prince - Acrylic on canvas 20x20 in
Flash as a rat with a gold tooth - Acrylic on canvas 14x20 in
Man and Fish with cigar
Fruity Wonder
Phoenix - Painted on December 25th, 2007. Acrylics on canvas, 23" wide x 31" high.
Westworld Alberta Magazine 1 of 6
Westworld Alberta Magazine 2 of 6
Westworld Alberta Magazine 3 of 6
Westworld Alberta Magazine 4 of 6
Westworld Alberta Magazine 5 of 6
Westworld Alberta Magazine 6 of 6
Valentine's Day
Illustration Portfolio
Melanie Audet
Graphic Designer • Illustrator Montreal, Canada