Cruise Line Cads.
Junior blouse CADS.
Baby clothes with a ditsy floral pattern I created.
A group of baby products
Baby product concepts.
Novelty Sock concepts.
Mary Kate & Ashely Fashion CADS
Cads and prints with "Cute one liners"
Fun and Funky socks for men.
CADS for Mary Kate and Ashely's clothing line
Victorian Poppy watermation and burn out Shirt - Junior Shirt design for a very well known chain store.
Marvel accessories with CADS and prints I created using Marvel style guides.
Shirt graphic line sheet - Shrit graphic designed for watermation technique.
Sweatpant CAD - Sweatpant design with sublimation print.
Fashion CADS I created in illustrator
cads of lingerie
Fashion CADS
Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Mel Nerell
Toy Design/Apparel/ Product/ Textile/Art Director Los Angeles, CA