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Holiday Dog Toy Concepts
Halloween hoodie concepts for Walmart.
Halloween hoodie concepts for Walmart stores
Halloween concepts for Ross stores
Christmas candy character sketches
Seasonal Icon designs for Petsmart
Printed Fleece Dog Blanket concept
Pet Bed, toy and T-shirt with monkey character
Chinese Take Out group - Themed dog, clothing, bed, toys etc.
Pet Products, themed dog items - Themed sets that come with everything a dog lover would want!. Plush bed, matching fashions, leash, collar with charm, and two plush squeaky toys!
Pet Products, themed dog items - I designed some sets of themed dog products and this is an example of what i came up with.
Dog fashions - I designed a line of high fashion dog clothing.
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Pet Products

Pet accessories inspired by Paris Hilton. Logo design also by me.

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Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Mel Nerell
Toy Design/Apparel/ Product/ Textile/Art Director Los Angeles, CA