Nightmare Before Christmas Hand Drawn then Digitally illustrated Product Concept by Me. :)
Tsum Tsum hairbrush concepts
Disney's Bambi Wallet.
Pound Puppies PVC name tag concept for plush toys.
Souvenir concepts for Al Qasba attractions in Dubai.
Bratz Petz board game. I designed the game board off the fashionable felines I also designed for MGA.
I designed this Count calculator along with other Sesame Street inspired accessories and products.
Seasonal product for Michael's Craft Store
Bratz Petz backpack - I designed this fun backpack for kids to take their plush pet along with them.
Beauty bags - I designed bags with Bratz Petz Images on them.
Betty Boop Bobbleheads - My client needed new Bettey Boop booblehead styles so I designed a new Hollywood Betty, Flapper and fairy Betty. Resin casted.
Kid's Bike Helmet
Friends with fleece throw. Printed throw concept with cute plush friend.
Baby Items I've created
Product Design: Accessories, Sporting Goods, Etc
Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Mel Nerell
Toy Design/Apparel/ Product/ Textile/Art Director Los Angeles, CA