This piece is "Airwalker", a sillkscreen print.
This piece is (obviously) "Homo Vitalis", another silkscreen print.
This nude silkscreen was adapted from a life drawing class.
"Dancer" is an early silkscreen print. It had the gist of the idea but execution needed refining.
The silkscreen "Dancer" was developed from a doodle in a sketchbook. Many of these pieces came about the same way.
This is a new interpretation I'm working on, created in Adobe Illustrator.
I had a sketchbook full of "killer clowns" so I I combined them into a single image, backstage before the "Gladiators" go into combat. Ink and marker on vellum.
I made this happy guy into a silkscreen print.
Here's the original drawing. Ink on acetate.
This is "Party Circuit 1", another piece where I combined a bunch of sketchbook images. Ink and marker on vellum.
More party people, "Party Circuit 2". Ink and marker on vellum.
Another piece combining a crowd of mythological images. Ink, marker, and colored pencil on paper.
This silkscreen was an abstracted idea of the myth of "Icarus".
This is a work in progress, a digital recreation of a silkscreen print, "Icarus".
"Rooted" is an early silkscreen print.
"Revelers" was based on the Maenads, followers of Dionysus. Silkscreen print.
Early Work

Most of these pieces date from college or even earlier.

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