Data Piracy : Editorial spot illustration.
Snakes & Ladders (What lead to the market crash) : Editorial spot illustration.
Leggy Q
Online social marketplace.
JAPAN 3/11 - My thoughts are with the people of Japan.
Peg Legged Parrot. All good pirates need a good enabler...
Happy 2011! - Apparently there's no enforced age restriction / distribution laws for fireworks here in it's basically been war zone outside my apt building since around 7am this morning. Anyway, all in good fun until somebody loses a limb... HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY! CHEERS!!
Housing Crisis : Editorial spot illustration.
Death Tax : Editorial spot illustration.
Ta Da! - Typographic illustration for Veer, utilizing the 'b' from their new font Fan Script.

Editorial & concept illustration.

Michael Spitz
Design / Identity / Branding / Typography / Illustration New York, NY