BAMBOO : A Growers Guide - An infographic reference for bamboo growers. The graphic systematically describes several hundred species of Bamboo: ACCORDING TO > Growth Style / Required Sun Exposure / Temperature Resistance / Maximum Growth Diameter xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx **Aditional details from a previous version can be seen via:
ISO STANDARDS MAP - A typographic map formatted to standards set forth by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) CODES DEPICTED: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx WHITE : Country Codes / Country Code Top-Level Domains (ccTLD) GREY : Geographic Regional Codes GREEN : National Currency Codes xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx FOR FULL VIEW : ^^^ CLICK (VIEW ORIGNIAL FILE) ABOVE
GLOBAL HEALTHCARE - A scale typographic map, illustrating the availability of healthcare resourses around the world. (2008) KEY: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Scaled country coded map represents: # of PATIENTS per/ DOCTOR (LARGER = MORE AVAILABLE DOCTORS) Line of scaled country codes @ bottom: # of HOSPITAL BEDS per/ 1,000 PEOPLE (LARGER = MORE AVAILABLE BEDS) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx FOR FULL VIEW : ^^^ CLICK (VIEW ORIGNIAL FILE) ABOVE
HOMELAND SECURITY - A scale proportion map illustrating the distribution of 'Department of Homeland Security' (DHS) funding for 2006. Funding breakdown according to: State : Major City : $'s per / Person States ranked according to (least allotted $'s per / Person) on the far right >>> **Project was presented to the NYC Department of Emergency Management in 2006. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx FOR FULL VIEW : ^^^ CLICK (VIEW ORIGNIAL FILE) ABOVE
Michael Spitz
Design / Identity / Branding / Typography / Illustration New York, NY