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Popples: Teapot House with Bubbles

I designed transforming plastic character toys for the Netflix reboot of Popples in addition to the rebooted plush toys. On the show, the Popple named Bubbles lives in a pink teapot. This play set allows Bubbles to slide down the spout, roll across her rooms, and out the slide that can connect to the Popples Treehouse play set. She can also sit on top and drop down the trap door to tumble on flowers into the house. The child open up the house to play out Bubbles inside the teapot. It comes with stickers for the child to decorate. You can squeeze the Popple figures to toggle between standing and a ball-shape so they can roll. Collect the other Popple figures so they can play with Bubbles at her teapot house!

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June Shieh
Designer & Illustrator at Mighty June Los Angeles, CA