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Educational Toy: Time Voyager - Kids "travel through time" when they navigate this Time Voyager. Pulling on the lever sets it to a random year in history for the current date, or you can set the particular time to visit with the captain's wheel. A map displays the geographic location visited.

The screen on the sails shows a video of what happened on that day. The data and media is updated with an internet connection.
Role-Play Toy: Clean-up Critters - Kids learn to enjoy dusting, vacuuming, and mopping with these Clean-up Critters.

Nutty the Elephant is a working vacuum cleaner and colorful peanuts fly about its trunk when it is on. Dusty the hedgehog has a removable pelt that is machine-washable. Clicking Dusty's handle makes him flip for polishing or dusting. Moppy the jellyfish swivels and spins as you drag it across the floor.
Creative Play: The Loony Lucha Lab - Design and create your own "Luchadores", or Mexican Wrestlers. This set includes body-molds, paints, masks, capes, and decorative stickers for the masks and costumes.

Once you make your wrestlers, slam them on the floor in the ring to activate fighting sounds. Pull them back against the ring's elastic ropes for slingshot action.
Licensed Toy: Ulala vs. the Morolians - This is a toy based on the video game, "Space Channel 5".

Ulala is a News Reporter in space, who saves earth from the evil Morolians. These aliens eliminate humans by hypnotizing them to dance.

As these Morolians dance and sing, Ulala must mimic their beats and shoot them at the right time, to win. Push her jetpack button to put the Ulala doll in shooting mode. Squeeze her belly as a trigger to shoot the Morolians on the beat.
Collectibles: Button Rocket - A rocket-shaped caddy holds supplies for a child to create custom buttons. The rocket sits on a swivel base for easy-access to doors to get to markers, button backings, and button-covers.

Use the lever-based punch to assemble the buttons. Button supplies are stored inside tiny, collectible characters who can ride in the top of the rocket.
Try-Me Toy: Mega-Pets - This educational robot is a friendly pet. Each cartridge transforms the robot into a different animal that eaches a different topic, such as math, music, geography, and vocabulary.

Each animal triggers a surprise feature, such as the dog, who triggers a tongue to pop out. Arms move and legs can move the torso up and down. In addition to robotic sounds, the LCD display on its belly allows for a visual interface, and the robot cheeks and collar light up for positive feedback.
Tweens: Sonic Fuzz - This is a fashionable line of winter accessories that are designed for use with mp3 players; headphones light up and animal-ears animate to the beat of the music.

Gloves include buttons that control mp3 players with bluetooth technology. Scarves include snap-in pockets to hold the music player, and matching clips hold the scarves in place.
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Toy Concept Development
June Shieh
Designer & Illustrator at Mighty June Los Angeles, CA