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Skybucket CMJ Showcase 2008 - Freelance work I did for a great local record label. Unfortunately, as fate would have it, when I was screening these posters everything that could go wrong did (including me shaving off a bit of finger trimming paper and bleeding all over the only good prints). Thank goodness for kinkos online services as a backup.
Campaign Signage
Campaign Signage Variations
Business cards for What's On 2nd
Store Signage Samples
Coffee Labels
Coffee bar menu
Wi-Fi signage - Signage for the coffee bar I used to manage, note that I did not use the phrase "free wi-fi" because I didn't care to hear " I don't know what a wiffee is but if it free I want mine and I want it now" from the less tech savy customers all day.
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Graphic Design
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Freelance, Moonlighting
Jeremy Markham
Graphic Designer, Photographer, and Illustrator Albertville, AL