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Another design for the Snead State College Street Singers, this year's design required a patriotic and slightly 70's look as that this year is the anniversary of the group originally started in the 70's as the Freedom Singers.
A quick, fun Alabama design done for my brother as a gift. As with previous AL designs it is a one-off and not in production and not for purchase.
Bama Shirt Old School design - Shirt I put together for my brother since he doesn't care for the look of current crop of shirts. Not licensed obviously, but then again I am not mass producing/selling them so to any UA lawyers viewing please don't waste your time sueing me because I don't have anything to give you besides some art supplies and a hard time.
Mazinger Z T-shirt design - I am not going to lie to you, this shirt was solely for me to wear while running around the house like a 5 year-old and pretending to fight giant robots, growing up on robot cartoons makes you do strange things sometimes (like going into art).
Rewinds "Tap" Tour T-shirt - Yes, I know there is like a million shirts out like this now but in 2006 the only place I had seen one was in Spinal Tap, which I and my clients had seen 30 times or so....in one year. Given that The Rewinds were big fans of the movie and that they had also gone through many drummers and were being poorly promoted by their label it was a good design choice for them.
Rewinds "Scramby-dog" Shirt - What do you get from clients that have been on tour 325 days of the year in a busted up van who watch too much Trailer Park Boys, dig magical beasts, and eat at equally magic greasy spoons? This apparently. Yeah.. I don't know either.
Rewinds Space Cadet T-shirt design - Not much to say on this one, pretty straightforward job.
Robot T-shirt 1design - Want to be a steam-powered iron robot? Better question: who wouldn't want to? Designed for kids of all ages to wear while vanquishing imaginary villains and stomping on cardboard cities.
"Team Awesome" engagement pics t-shirt design - My fiance and I recently had our engagement pictures taken by the awesome folks at White Rabbit Studios from Huntsville, Alabama and my fiance wanted these shirts made just for the pics. Together the jersey #'s make our wedding date of Feb 27 and a cool photo.
What's On 2nd T-shirt design 2008 - Shirt design for What's on 2nd's annual T-shirt show/sell.
Fratelli T-shirt design - For a local band who happened to have the misfortune of having their name used by a signed band (the Fratellis). They wanted a rabbit-centaur-skeleton so that is what they got.
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