MOVINGENIUS | Future of Intelligent Electric Vehicle

MOVINGENIUS is the future of Intelligent Electric Vehicle (iEV). You can drive yourself or let the MOVINGENIUS take the control of the whole system. The idea of MOVINGENIUS is generated in the age of Smart Machines by Mohammad Ghezel (MG CONCEPTS DESIGN).

Some of the key features of MOVINGENIUS are:
Intelli Drive | Safer, Smarter, & Greener
Auto Matrix | Vehicles talk to Vehicles, Vehicles talk to the Road, Vehicles talk to the Traffic Center (WWVW | World Wide Vehicle Web)
Driving Force | Roof-mounted solar panels supply energy to the flexible self-charging ultracapacitors. Collected energy transfers to the MOVINGENIUS battery system. Battery system encompasses two separate battery packs, which can be Tesla 8 modules battery pack, Fisker Solid-State Battery, or any similar battery system. While one pack is used for electric motor, the other one recharges with fast charging system.
AI controlled sensing system | For a Foresighted Driving System

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Mohammad Ghezel
Visual and Techno Futurist, Industrial Designer, Freelance Concept Designer &... Tehran, Iran