Personal passion does not only add the needed extra spark to our work, I believe it works as an untamed and endless resource for everything we do. For the last few years my passion has been concentrated on bikes, bicycling and the world of pedaling. I’ve had the good fortune to mix my passion, hobbies and professional skills together which has given me a deeper insight into the whole phenomenon and increased my appetite. Learning and absorbing new things and ideas keeps me rolling and I don’t give up easily on things. This determination and insightfulness are the backbone of my working ethics. I’m a hands-on guy. Though I have a master’s degree on industrial design, learning by doing has been my modus operandi since I was a kid. Whether it’s about mastering a new software, creating prototypes, developing visual communication skills or testing the bike products I’ve designed; getting my hands dirty - and my legs sore when it comes to testing bike product - is the first step of the work process. The concrete and pragmatic side is always present in the planning and designing process.

Experience & Education