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Rockabilly Bow Tote

Inspired by the oversized floppy pocketbooks popular in the 50’s, I plan to create a medium to large sized shoulder bag, with an oversized bow detail, inspired by the retro Rockabilly style of the 50’s. The bag will sport two front exterior zipper details that reveal zipper pockets, ideal for carrying a smartphone, face mask, hand sanitizer, boarding pass and other items needed at the ready. The rectangular shape with the two open side pockets is flattering and convenient to any user. Contrast cording detail on the side exterior zipper pockets will accentuate and pop the other colors and print detail that will comprise the aesthetics of the rest of the purse. The rounded, oval bottom of the purse will be accentuated by pleat details, that will contribute to a rounded shape that will extend to the rest of the bag.

Kelsi Lange
Bagmaker and Designer Boston, MA