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House for a family - Three Bedrooms, Two Baths, Sun Room, Sitting/Living/Office Room, Kitchen, Lobby, Wash Room, Turret House, Large Attic and Around 5 Acres of Land
Back of the house at night - Renderings from PlanArch Design
Front of the house in daylight - No. 2 of PlanArch Design ideas.
Ditto - No. 3
The First One - The blue stuff's not meant to be there...
Front at Night - Pretty Cool Huh?
No. 4
Inside at Night - You'd better appreciate this one because it took the best part of 25 minutes to render
2nd Floor Balcony Daylight - Ditto. Except this one took the best part of half an hour to render.
House 2 - Second one. Inspiration from the PlanArch Design renderings
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Rhapsody Way
Always Look on the bright side of Life... Nottingham, United Kingdom