Another formerly NLA part - the cigarette lighter retainer clip.
A commonly damaged, but hard to find reproduction. E30 "Cow Catchers" occasionally need replacement, especially on "stances" vehicles.
Cow Catcher corner brackets that were previously NLA.
E30 Update produces the full set of "Cow Catcher" brackets - including the corner and side brackets which few, if any other manufacturers have for sale.
Though several others have over the years, E30 Update may have the only E30 bumper strip currently on the market. This part replaces the bulky US market license plate frame for a cleaner looking trim. It also provides euro plate mounting screw holes.
The E30 fuse puller often gets lost due to it's small size and slippery finish. Get your replacement at!
The part that started it all! The E30 glove box drive latch!
E30 Update
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