Promotion of Wayang Bible Story Book
For every God's love in our life, so we should love Him with all of our heart and mind, thats the main law. Lets dance and shout for Lord!
First page of final project based on wayang illustration - From the Bible Scripture in "Genesis" : "In the Beginning the Earth was empty and God Spirit was floating on the surface of water"
The beauty of God's Love - "Found His unlimited love story in this book"
Second law is "Love human as you love yourself". Because with that you have loved God.
"God created many various birds" (Genesis, Bible)..........and all of them are loved, more you are...loved by God.
Who follows God will be like tree on the bank of river. It will be fruitfull in the season and anything he do will be always success"
God created various wild animals on the earth, and He saw all of them were good.
Final Project_for my thesis
Angela Powiro
Searching Challenges Abroad especially in Advertising WEST JAKARTA, Indonesia