Primitive Altar Table - The first in a new line of furniture built on a tubular frame. The great thing about this particular design is that there is little assembly and no seams where the wood was pressure fitted. Inside the top of the frame is a steel insert that supports the piece as well as lifts the top drawers giving it the illusion of floating. Running across is a bronze detail that gives an overall look of one continuous drawer when in fact there are five.
Primitive Altar Table - Front view, here you can see the small inserts that sit on the steel frame inside lift the entire top of the table. A very clean look to an elegant piece of furniture.
Primitive Altar Table - A detailed shot of the drawer, cut at an angle towards the bottom, each one can be easily pulled out without disturbing the line in the piece.
Primitive Low Cabinet - Different design using the same type of frame, this cabinet could be used more for home entertainment purposes. Still incorporating a bronze detail for the handle as well as the support in the middle of this very wide piece helps add to the collective feeling for this clean line of furniture.
Primitive Low Cabinet
Primitive Low Cabinet
Primitive Mid-Cabinet_02
Primitive Mid-Cabinet_02 - Same dimensioned cabinet but using different types of drawers, like on the altar table, that can be used more in the bedroom for clothes.
Primitive Side Table_01 - A side table using all the elements of this funriture line. Added to the bottom is a shelf for magazine or whatever using the same type of tube in the frame only half the diameter.
Primitive Side Table_01
Primitive Side Table_01
Primitive Side Table_02
Primitive Side Table_02 - A second side table using all the elements of this funriture line. As a different idea/option we added a cross tube for support and style.
Primitive Large Table - Based off of Primitives conference table, it was modified to be used as a large dining table.
Primitive Complete set demi lune
Primitive Large table w/ Demi Lune - We presented this particular idea with two options; one using demi lunes at the ends and the other a more traditional rectangular end table. The idea being for both types that when not in use with the large table, they could be used around the house, say flanking the sides of a fireplace or anywhere lacking detail.
Primitive Demi Lune end table - The challenge with the Demi lune end table was to get the appropriate balance of proportion and size compared to the main table.
Primitive Large table w/ rectangular end - Same piece with the rectangular end tables.
Primitive Buffet_01 - Taking some elements off the classic Chinese buffet, this custom piece was designed with modern amenities, while still creating an elegant look.
Primitive Buffet_01
Primitive Buffet_01 - Four sliding doors on two seperate tracks allowing access from center or ends.
Primitive Buffet_02 - Same style buffet but using a more refined material.
Primitive Buffet_02 - In keeping with the classical look, using the same hardware for the handles.
Primitive Day bed - Designed for mobility and versatility, this particular 'bed' could be used with company of up to three people each sitting on ottomans or create a nice day-bed for sleeping. Under each piece is a large pullout drawer for storage.
Primitive Day bed ottoman
Primitive Platform bed
Primitive Platform bed
Michael Vostal, MPD/MBA
Lead Industrial Designer @ 3M Design, HCBG Saint Paul, MN