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Integrated Brand Identity in social media, website and mobile phone.
Personal Logo
Personal Logo - Primary Color
Personal Logo for business and marketing communication
Logo application on different background color and square shape.
Logo application on different size.
Logo application on different background color and circle shape.
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Brand Identity: Personal Branding

Personal Branding: Integrated brand identity development for personal branding. Development of personal logo, business card, website design for desktop and mobile.

The Concept: The wizard is representation of me as graphic designer, I found graphic designer is actually doing magic with their works. They are interpreter of a concept, a thought, a short brief into visual graphics that communicate the message with a touch of art in the color - font/ typography - images - illustration - shape become visual information to the audience.

The Color: The primary color of the personal branding is Red Bordeaux/ Red Wine. Represent the meaning of confidence - courage - out spoken - bold.

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Nadia Hardisurjo
Freelance Graphic Designer & Consultant Jakarta, Indonesia