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Silly Putty Pirate Card - 1 of 6 characters created for the Silly Putty redesign.
Silly Putty Characters - 6 characters illustrated for the Silly Putty redesign.
Lowe's Spot Illustrations - A sampling of some spot illustrations done for the Lowe's Build and Grow Clinics.
Crayola Box Illustrations - Game illustrations on the backs of the Crayola 48, 64 and 96 crayon boxes.
Company Mascots - various mascot characters
Baby Toy Characters - 4 characters designed for a baby toy company.
Board Game Illustration - Cover illustration and board insets for the "Go For Broke" board game, mainly to be sold in novelty stores (Spencer's, Hot Topic, Urban Outfitters).
Rock Show Flyer - Halloween Monster Bash show flyer
Crayola Packaging - Club Pack Package Design/Illustration
Crayola Packaging - Packaging design/illustration
Crayola Logo - Logo design
Comic Book Cover - Super honored to be asked to illustrate/design the cover for "small town/BIG CITY" by Young American Comics :)
Magazine Cover - Cover and article illustration for Big Idea Magazine
Burton Shirt Designs - Tshirt designs for Burton Snowboards
Band Shirt Designs - T-shirt designs for the band, The Chairmen
Scent Icons - Icons for a set of scented markers, used on packaging and in a television commercial.
Illustration & Design
Nate Maldonado
Director of Product Design Atlanta, GA