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Bose Future Display Concept - This is part of a concept I developed for Bose Corporation's Interactive Display Development unit. I was asked to develop a concept for the future of Bose in-store displays.

This rendering shows the visual design of the displays that I came up with and modeled in SolidWorks, but the majority of my work went into the interactive qualities of the display.
Bose Future Display Concept - This is a screen-shot of the interactive demo I created to communicate my idea. I used Flash to make a program that would respond to input from a device I built. You can see that on the next page.

In order to convey the visual cues the control panel would give, I had to make it appear on screen in the Flash demo. The display's screen would only show what's pictured in the gray frame.
Bose Future Display Concept - This is the Input Device I made to help with testing the display concept. It worked well enough to provide some important insights for my next iteration of the Flash demo.

For some reason, I was surprised to find that building a custom touch sensitive keypad with stuff from RadioShack isn't really that easy.
Mobile RFID Network - In a studio class at RISD (where I learned the basics of Physical Computing) I had the idea that it would be really neat if cell phones could read RFID tags. With that additional technology, the mobile phone could be a tool for making social networks linked to the real world.

This is a screenshot of the Flash demo I made to illustrate my idea. On the left is what I envisioned the Computer Side of the application to look like, on the right is the interface on the mobile device.
Mobile RFID Network, Interface - Testing the interface for the computer is easy, since the input device for that environment is native to the demonstration platform. But, as in the last project, I found that in order to simulate the interaction for the mobile device side, I had to create this input device for my presentation.
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