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Rescue Sled, Front - Advanced Life Support is currently limited to ambulances and med-evac helicopters, but these have limited access to the mountain.

This work was done for a RISD studio with the objective of saving the lives of critically injured skiers and snowboarders.
Rescue Sled, Research - Don't worry, he's fine.

We began the design process with participant observation of a mountain rescue training operation, leading to first hand insights into the practice of mountain rescues.
Rescue Sled Concept Development - In the early going, We worked on a number of ideas for the sled, exploring different aspects of mountain rescue I thought could be improved.

Initially, I hoped to make a rescue tool that could be carried by one member of an expedition, to reduce the amount of manpower needed to move a fallen comrade.
Rescue Sled Concept Development - As I began to realize that containing a rugged sled in a pack was impractical, I became interested in ways of improving the immobilization system, for which this still seemed feasible.
Rescue Sled Concept Development - However, after some lengthy consideration as a group, we recognized the big-resort market could benefit from a sled that offered ambulance-like care by carrying its supplies with it.
Rescue Sled, Layout - The Rescue Sled has compartments for storing medical tools and supplies located around the patient bay.
Rescue Sled, ALS tools - Having these supplies organized and ready when responding to serious illness and injury is really important to saving the patient's life.
Rescue Sled, Backboard Sleeve - I noticed a number of opportunities for improvement of the equipment used for patient stabilization, and, with the help of three others within the larger group of fifteen, developed a sleeve that slides over an existing backboard like a sock, enhancing its usefulness, comfort, and safety.

The Carri-Cam is an original invention of mine. It can be locked to any point along a rail with a compressible coating.
Rescue Sled, Interior - The sleeve is fastened into the sled's interior for descent.
Rescue Sled, Rear
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