Fear of getting hurt is one of the biggest obstacles to improving your fighting skills. My solution is a padded shield that helps kickboxers learn to defend against kicks. Everlast Focus Shield concept.
In my initial research, I studied training equipment, interviewed various martial artists and the people who create and sell training gear. I took nearly 100 observations and categorized them into 5 User Needs: - Safety & Durability - A Portable, Personal Set - An Extension of the Body - Tradition & Ritual - Versatile Training
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A PORTABLE, PERSONAL SET. Vintage leather is a nod to old-school boxing gear. Strategically located pleats crease and break up the surface to encircle the target area. The natural look of imperfection on leather will allow the product to look better as it gets worn from use.
Train your defense Train your fear. A story about Victoria the kickboxer, who improves her defense and kicks by incorporating the focus shield in her training. Victoria can practice focus shield drills with her trainer the way boxers train using focus mitts. Every time she kicks on target, she hears a satisfying, loud clap resonate from the shield. The sounds and tactile feel of hitting the target correctly reinforce her confidence. She learns to block and avoid kicks correctly because the tonfa grip helps her learn to use correct form. She and her trainer also can spar more safely wearing the shields. Victoria's confidence and skills have leveled up tremendously. By training her defense, Victoria has also trained her fears.
Focus Shield variations
Focus Shield presentation model
Everlast Focus Shield

Focus Shield concept
A defensive training tool for kickboxers.

Nelson Wah
Industrial Designer Los Angeles, CA