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Second set of renders for a lightsabre design. Practicing chrome rendering and matte and gloss surfaces. Copic Marker, Coloured Pencil, Gouache and Pastel on A3 Printer paper.
A few of several hairdryer renders, each based on the leftmost one. Changed design lines and materials served to create many designs out of the original one. Copic Marker, Pencil and Gouache on A3 Bond Paper.
Chrome rendering experiment using 3D objects. Copic Marker, Pencil and Guache on A3 Printer paper.
Render of a Mercedes car for pastel and marker exploration. Copic Marker, Colored Pencil and Pastel on Bond paper.
A hypothetical collaboration between Ryobi and Spot to create a function, rugged EPIRB(Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon) For hiking or outdoor sports and activities. Copic Marker, Coloured Pencil, Dirt and a Hiking Boot on A3 Bond paper.
A rendering exercise working from model photos and including hands in a render for scale and context. Copic Marker and Coloured Pencil on A3 Printer Paper.
A render of a pair of binoculars exploring matte and gloss finishes in marker, pencil and gouache. Copic Marker, Coloured Pencil, Gouache and Pastel on A3 Printer paper.
Analogue Rendering

Work from the Product Visualization course at university exploring different analogue product rendering and presentation techniques,

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Nic Kuipers
Mr Brisbane, Australia