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Arthur Quijote

This is my second "ritual" table after "ME".
You would be right to assume it's narrowly connected with two prominent characters - Don Quijote and King Arthur. The first of them provide the "shape" and his outsider status. The royalty is the one, who according to the legend made the round table thus all the knights should be equal at it.
Well, I made one special place on this table. One can decide whether it belittles or promotes the person sitting there. A table always carries a Ritual and it's based mainly on peoples positions around it. My intention was to deconstruct the wholeness and fairness of the round table without harming the sense of knighthood. There is a place for Don Quijote at the round table, isn't it?

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Ivan Arnaudov
architecture and furniture design Sofia, Bulgaria