The RabMixer - Yup, This is the old Rabmixer which designed by me in 2002. I was doing it for fun only. Somehow, someone want to manufacture it, but it cannot pass the IEC standard, they said the home appliance could not like a toy. They asked me to remove the eye and the mouth... Long story
The RabMixer - the original one, the old one in 2002
The RabMixer
The Rabmixer- Rework - I re-fine the form and some detail. and hope it could pass the IEC test in 2008 Unfortunately, they still think it look like a toy rather than a mixer.
The Rabmixer- Rework
The Rabmixer -Rework - some fancy color, it cannot pass the IEC test, but I like it. Why home appliance could not like this ?
The RabMixer
Ming Tong
Hong Kong, Hong Kong