"Park Bench" (***NOTE: This is a gif approximation as Snickers shifted to TBWA/Chiat Day shortly before this concept was set to be animated. To complete the effect, imagine the sounds of twittering birds or an opera aria playing in the background.)
After sketching these characters in Illustrator I masked in rich photographic textures.

THIS PROJECT PAGE FEATURES: rich user-initiated microsites w' audio + isolated illustrations ||| 'PLAY' INSTRUCTIONS: •••Roll over image area. Click when the hand icon appears to navigate ||| These somewhat bizarre, intuitive, interactive microsites were created with pre-teen/teen boys in mind for snickersatisfies.com (no longer active) where each day revealed a different satisfying moment. Be sure to turn up your volume and note that Corofolot's file dimension restrictions have cropped some original files, explaining several lopped off logos. (*Since Coroflot's June 2012 site revamp has made it impossible to showcase campaigns as thumbnail grids...I highly suggest playing with "Metal Detector" first in order to rid your computer speakers of headphone clutter. Audio for all other samples will not begin until a visitor has clicked on each respective site visual.)

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