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THIS PROJECT PAGE FEATURES: posters + glow-in-the-dark bus shelters + billboards ||| In wanting to defy the stereotypes (bros n' 'hos!!!) associated with most booze ads, as well as wanting to avoid the potential hazards of needing to translate headlines into multiple languages, I created this wordless campaign for a multi-lingual European market — 2 years before the arrival of iPod's now famed doppelgänger. During this time my portfolio was mailed to the 'agency of note' which several months later returned its manhandled contents without comment. Shortly thereafter 'iPod' appeared. Coincidence? Who knows… (*Dada :15s, lemon stickers for pummeling rival wall pastings, drink recipe flip books, drink coasters, drink tents, matches and a vast array of additional branded items were developed showcasing lemons in unusual, iconic ways as befit the brand's target market.)

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