CLIENT: Parents Families & Friends of Lesbians Gays ||| AWARDS: Commercial Closet Images in Advertising ||| This non-confrontational, pro bono campaign utilizing straight celebrities who happen to have LGBT family members was created to encourage those with LGBT loved ones to seek out PFLAG for further support. Different photographers volunteered for each time-sensitive shoot, therefore I unified the scrimmed imagery in post. Ben Affleck + cousin Jason posed for all of 5 minutes on the set of "Gigli", Cyndi Lauper's 30mn shoot with her sis took place backstage at a Cher concert, and former democratic presidential candidate Dick Gephardt & kin masqueraded to the warblings of Eminem and "Chicago" underneath a nest of bikes in the family's home garage. Other campaign role models included latina idol Cristina & Rosario Dawson. The 'sticker' and background of each ad also changed color with each treatment for greater (yet integrated) visual diversity.

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