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Gloomy area artwork by Kost Koža

Our heroes before arriving at its destination, to decipher old scripts (see if you like, previously to) http://storiesofoldbone.blogspot.hr/2014/02/stari-zapisi-imaju-dusu-old-maps-have.html
must pass through the dangerous Gloomy area. Here you do not threaten the eruption, rabid cannibals or giant monsters. Many adventurers, traveling salesmen and other unfortunate people who have entered the Gloomy area remained in it until the end of their lives. There are houses in isolated places that radiate a ice threat and looking at them, we feel fear which we leave in this place after we move away. Gloomy area has always been a lot of deadness, which is gradually increased, in moisture and fog was cooked heavy soup of depression, despondency and flabbiness. Beings who are staying in gloomy area have long lost their goals, turned off the last spark of joy in them, comforts them only the knowledge that other residents of this sad area are not in better condition.
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Ivan contemporary Kost...
freelancer Velika Gorica, Croatia