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Tužna dolina The sad valley by Stara Kost

In the World of Fantasy there is a Sad Valley and occupies a fairly wide area. Moreover, experience has proven to a Sad valley - suddenly - change even expand their boundaries. All the inhabitants of the World of Fantasy will find themselves under her uncomfortable influence as much as they are careful and their character will most determine when they will emerge from its disruptive influence. There are some thinkers who claim that the influence of the Saddle Valley can bring benefits to the individual, strengthen his character, and after weeping the river of tears, it is supposedly clearer to see the situation and the way to go well in life. Opinions are different, but it should be noted that there are inhabitants of a Fantasy World who voluntarily go into The Sad valley. Some of them are dissatisfied with their lives, caught in the underestimation circle and various tortures, it is easier to bitter cry them than to take a step - perhaps risky - that could change their poor life....

Ivan contemporary Kost...
freelancer Velika Gorica, Croatia