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Colander set for Prepara.

Basting set for Prepara.

Dressing whiz for Prepara.

Scoop and go ice cream scoopers for kids of all ages.
Single serve sugar and cocoa dispensers.
Bamboo cutting board with slide and scoop trays.
7 pcs essentials knife set for small apartments.
Snap together color coded cutting board set.
STER UV water sterilizer is an innovative water purification concept for the kitchen environment. Comprised of a UV light stir stick and induction charger, this tool was designed for quick and easy sterilization of drinking water directly in a glass, pitcher or other water container.
STER UV water sterilizer - sketch development.
STER UV water sterilizer - foam model testing.
STER UV water sterilizer - GA drawing.
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Tools and gadgets, cutlery, glassware and water sterilization projects.

Olivia Blechschmidt
Industrial Designer / Retail Designer New York City, NY