Homepage ... responsive:) Upper menu should stay fixed at the upper browser's frame. "Hot" auto changes. Sorry for the czech language but I think it's clear from the pictures. From the top: Hot news, Reviews, Interviews, "Echoes", Reports and News in short. It's responsive, it's clean and clear to read.
Reviews list. Right column is always connected to the main frame. Here we find "Review of the week", "The most read review", "The most discussed review" and adverts. Thanks to the "panel system" there can be of course anything else added.
Review detail ... the big photo bears an icon of the source (vinyl, CD, FLAC ... ). Also you can find out about the audio equipment the reviewer used. There is a review itself, a rating system, discussion board and also right column where you can find info about the album and the band. Finally the column is open for other modules like related articles asn.
// ... gig report. Where, when, what, jady jada ....
// About. +Editorial board list. +Contact. +The Good Sound Legue!!! Because "sound" seems to be NOT important these days... google Loudness War eg.
Echoes zine

// Echoes zine ... let it shine!
// Sorry, it's in czech language but I think mostly it is self explanatory and also each screen is commented.
// Metal music magazine... is it?
// I tried it to be dark but not heavy with slight reminiscences like the tombstone there:) I wanted to go with the metal flow(darkness and chaos) but keep it simple and not chaotic at the same time.
// Updating ...

Ondrej Hauser
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