RENNSALON, 2002 - RENNSALON made its first public appearance during the Cologne Furniture Fair off-show "Passagen" in 2001. It was established by 11 designer to blend graphic-, media-, event- and product design into a category of its own.

For one week, a 700 sqm floor was converted into a slot car racing facility. Guests could purchase a racing set to design their own cars and to participate in the "Köln Cup". The 32 best drivers and their cars (out of over 600 participants) competed for the winners trophy and sponsor prices. Limited custom designed shirts, caps, drinks and poster complemented the event. The poster was awarded as one of the "best poster of the year" in 2001.

Since 2001, RENNSALON was invited to participate in many international art, theater and design productions.

Michael Held
Director Design Global Munich, Germany