At Dawn
historical excellence
Think how this monument would have been made at that time
In The clouds
Kumbh festival
U just cant avoid it
free falling
so many hands reaching out for the sky
candle lit
Mehandi art
Bengali Marriage cuisine - In one of the rituals before marriage the bride is served with such delicious cuisines .... yum ;) ......
Holika - Its one of the hindu festival HOLIKA which is observed a day before the holi day
buddh temple
Emergence - This pic was taken of a moving train just coming out of a tunnel ..... I love this image for its timing and the natural effect of the radial blurr.
road side vendors
Squirrel in the park
Evening at TAJ
Ancient art
Mamoth architecture
Survival of the fittest
Holi ka
Raja sahab ki barat
Wet and Wild
do Tau
Pankaj Singh
Design Head Delhi, India