Zub Zayu

This was a project I worked on with the creative team at Nooka Inc., alongside Alexander Yoo & Yumi Asai, and directed by Matthew Waldman. I worked from concept development to final production, which is always time intensive and very rewarding to see. The concept of the watch stems from many of Nooka's iconic timepieces and the philosophy that drives this innovative company. Universal communication, more than anything, is where Matthew focuses his energy and design skills. The watch is truly an asymmetrical design, allowing the user to wear comfortably on either wrist. The display is programmed to change according to which side the user decides to wear it. The packaging was a unique part of the project which was a partnership with SiliconeZone, a manufacturer of kitchen and house-ware products. The outer silicone shell is meant to be re-useable as a food/microwave safe sealable container to help keep packaging out of the landfill.

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Paul Isabella
Furniture & Product Designer Minneapolis, MN