Custom 1974 Road Runner project rendering.
Reflecting on the Day Yet to Come - Playing with that long-term, personal project, and placing one of the key players in a rare still moment, while yet another creeps into the scene. Messing with a sense of foreboding in the reflections and weather...
Inliner - Working on a custom 1957 Ford project with a friend... Straight-six, turbocharged goodness and all-out custom subtlety with a '58 roof, straightened a-pillars and more.
Layering the Drama - More car chase goodness from that long-term, personal project. Full-custom '74 Road Runner (dig those '71 front wheel openings and bumper/grille treatment) runs from a foe, while Johnny Law picks up on the chase. Just having some fun again.
Left at Addison - Concept art for a long-term, personal project... one part graphic novel, one part epic, animated action-fest.
Size Matters - Concept rendering for a customized Peterbilt project...
Gumption - Concept rendering for a customized 1996 Ford Ranger project, which recently began construction. Infusing hot rod and street machine themes to a mini truck.
Maddest Monte - A concept rendering for my client's project car, a 1972 Monte Carlo. It's deceptively mild, using many off-the-shelf parts from other A-body GM cars of similar vintage...
Mad Monte - Conceptual rendering for a custom Monte Carlo project. Mixing and matching some off-the-shelf parts with one-off goodies.
Fury-ous - Sketching some slammed, wire-wheeled Plymouth bad-assery, and wearing some markers out in the process.
The Angry Step-Sister - Was asked to play with an Eleanor-themed Mustang project... and while I'm personally not a fan of the movie car, I used the opportunity to make my version a more aggressive, angry, business-oriented design.
Plein Air Angelo - Sketching while in Burbank some months ago.
George's Torino - Final rendering of the Torino I designed and that is currently under construction at Rad Rides. Numerous changes to alter the factory proportions, and create a more aggressive style, while keeping with the classic NASCAR feel.
Falcon Doodles - Some process development sketches from a recent custom '62 Ford Falcon project...
Flight Time - A customized Raptor for a client project. Figured I'd throw some action into this one, as it will rarely sit still when completed.
Mustang Process - Some idea processing for a custom Mustang project...
Falcon Aft-View - Rear view rendering for that Falcon project...
Falcon - Project concept art for a 1962 Falcon. Completely modified from front to rear, car is now under construction.
Shoeboxing - Project rendering for a custom 1955 Chevy project... another variation in the ever-changing, organic process.
Alternate Colorways - Some of the color variations for the Musclecar TV project Dart...
Business Time - Dodge Dart project car rendering. I created this piece for MuscleCar TV on Spike TV's Powerblock to assist in developing the look and feel for their new pro-street project (began airing this past weekend, 3/31/2012). Graphics/paint were designed with the at-home, do-it-yourselfer in mind, and all artwork is pencil, scanned to Illustrator, color-blocked, then lightly filtered in Photoshop, printed, and post work (reflections, smoke, atmosphere) added with airbrush, chalk and paint.
Drop In - T-shirt and poster artwork for an after-cruise open house and party, hosted by a friend. I went with the theme of debuting a project truck, and having folks mill around the shop...
Time Slows - Updated version of CAB's coupe from some time back. I had been working on a more 'frozen-in-time' feel for the gold hot rod, and opted to play with the lighting in a more fresh way. Illustrator art, starting with scan of older drawing. Good times on this one.
Rusty Git-Down - T-shirt and poster art for a local pre-car show party. Went with a rusty, western feel.
Closing Shop - Another of those test pieces from the AutoWeek calendar project, playing with some lighting and compositing (both analog and digital). This was the first piece in which I began to develop and understand how to make the parking lamps look luminous, and not drop detail. Hooray for learning!
The Tenth Frame - One of my all-time favorite kustom concepts, a '56 DeSoto, set in that cityscape I had been playing with for the AutoWeek calendar... Ready to continue the evening's adventures once the alleys close down. Figuring out atmosphere and lighting to tell a few more stories.
Night Out - Playing with a classic, and adding some aggressive feel, and walking the line between elegant and down-right nasty.
2012 Work

Renderings, illustration and vehicle drawings I've created this year.

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