Hollywood Pinup 3D - Experimenting again with 3D (anaglyphs, actually), I went at this piece with some hefty ambition. With multiple layers of depth just about everywhere, I had a ton of fun in the smallest of details! The image is, essentially, an anaglyph created using only one image. Starting with a pencil sketch, the original piece was scanned to Illustrator and re-drawn for use as a t-shirt... and now as a curiosity.
Tour Car - Rendering for the Street Rodder Magazine 2010 Road Tour Car. Essentially a tribute to a Bay Area car which won the AMBR award in 1952, based on an extended '27 T pickup (on '32 rails), and generally an updated traditional-style hot rod. (you can follow the actual car's build-up in Street Rodder Magazine, if interested)
T-Shirt Art - Self-promotional t-shirt and print art. Took a "crushed velvet" idea, and just ran with it for a new tee and print line...
Interior Render - Custom interior design for a '56 Chevy project. Full-length console, split rear seat bottom, one-off door panels and loads more. Illustrator artwork following pencil sketch.
Blue Merc - Custom car design rendering for a client's '40 Mercury project currently under construction. Pencil sketches with finished ink drawings.
Gonzo Prints - The finished prints of the Gonzo pieces... originally a mixed-media thrash -- screen print, stencil, airbrush and inks on Masonite -- and now a couple of prints... Inspired while I was writing a blog, expressing my dissatisfaction with where my art was headed at the time.
Impala 61 - Custom design rendering for a dual-purpose (street and race) 1961 Chevrolet Impala. Full cage, tubbed, custom hood, cleaned-up trim, tail lamp treatments, etc. Illustrator artwork over pencil sketches.
Scrapin' Homeward - Playing with a looser, more cartoon-y style on a client brief, I drew a '36 Ford pickup hauling a brutal '55 Chevy race car home, scraping the fenders off the tarmac... Illustrator artwork, using scanned pencil sketches.
One Lap Tee - T-shirt design for the crew of the One Lap Camaro, participating in the One Lap of America race series. They will be selling the shirts to pay for gas and food along the route.
Extra Mustard - Hot rod design rendering of a client's '32 Ford hot rod project car, currently under construction.
Charger Rendering - Rendering of client's customized Dodge Charger and paint design.
Custom Van - Rendering of a modern custom van design. Layout includes a Viper driveline mounted mid-ship, widened fenders and quarter panels, chopped roof, sectioned body, lengthened doors, etc.
Impala Portrait - Rendering of a client's 1963 Impala. Pencil sketch scanned to Illustrator, re-drawn, printed and embellished with ink, pen and airbrush.
Final Art - Shot of the completed artwork for the '63 Impala portrait.
Detail Shot - Detail of the completed '63 Impala portrait. Sketch scanned, re-drawn in Illustrator, printed and embellished with marker, airbrush and pens.
Surfite Cube - A full-custom, surf lifestyle-oriented concept for the 2010 Nissan Cube. I was heavily influenced by the car's asymmetrical design, and applied key elements inspired by Ed Roth's "Surfite" show car from the '60's to further play-up the theme.
Surfin' Hearse - I had been on a surf-inspired ride kick... I wanted to truly push the envelope, and create a car that hasn't been used as such. In the name of "recycling" (ah, sweet puns!), I took a '63 hearse, and added a sliding rag top, wood panels, smoothie billet rims, and a sunset orange pearl paint job to emphasize the beach cruiser theme, and breathe some life into those long, flowing panels by playing with the light along the curves.
So-Cal Cubism - Another Cube lifestyle concept, this time I took a more subtle road, applying a Southern California cruiser theme. My goal (with this being seen by the engineering and corporate folks at NNA) was to emphasize the car's built-in customizing potential, and to push the envelope for aftermarket accessories. A few key elements include the wind-out windows (windshield and rear door vent), sliding rag top, louvered fender, grille filler, lower grille opening bar and two-tone paint. Hope you dig it!
Nasty Hornet - A pro-touring style AMC Hornet concept. Numerous changes including new Challenger center hood insert, drilled, shortened and molded bumpers, slammed stance, turbo inlets in factory light bezels and more...
Custom Chrysler - Custom Chrysler concept. Drawn originally for Rod and Custom Magazine (January '09 issue), I worked with a client to make some modifications to a 1955 Chrysler New Yorker Deluxe convertible. Pencil sketches scanned and re-drawn in Illustrator, final overlay of metallic paint and highlights with airbrush, following print.
Project Sick Seconds - Concept art for a drag car project client is currently building. 1969 Camaro for Hot Rod Magazine's Drag Week features a 2,000 HP engine, composite body, tube chassis, and, as part of the rules, must drive on the street... Client requested an action shot in race trim, and a static view in street trim (hence the bigger wheels in rear view).
Custom DeSoto - A 1956 DeSoto Fireflight custom that I had drawn for Rod and Custom Magazine (January '09 issue). Full pre-viz rendering for a one-off custom car. Ilustrator artwork over pencil sketches, printed, and highlights and shading added with airbrush.
Custom Rod Anaglyph - Took an original design I had penned for Rod and Custom Magazine (December '08 issue), and decided to create a 3D version, which, as it turns out is no small feat when using only one image. After too many hours to count, I offer you the fun of digging out your red and cyan glasses (red left, cyan right eye), and groove on a pretty killer final product. Illustrator artwork starting with pencil roughs, final compositing in Photoshop.
Unibody - Project rendering for Truckin' Magazine project vehicle. 1963 Ford F-100 nibody pickup, full-custom front and rear-end treatments, flamed paint (all Adobe Illustrator)...
Shine Runner - The original, non-3D version of my moonshine-running custom rod. It's a reworked 1953 Ford, with numerous body modifications, originally drawn for Rod and Custom Magazine, Illustrator artwork over pencil sketches.
Cabriolet - Promotional rendering for street rod body manufacturer. 1933 custom Cabriolet.
Tundra Project - First color version for a SEMA propsal... (final truck will be same scheme, new colors and wheels) Illustrator CS2, starting with pencil sketches to nail angle, look and feel.
Scion for SEMA - Concept rendering for a custom Scion for Kicker Car Audio's SEMA Show booth. Pencil sketch scanned in (once approved), and re-drawn in Illustrator.
Rod and (mild) Custom - A quick warm-up piece before working on-=site at a client's shop... A mean '33 3-window coupe hunches in the background, while a mild '50 Olds rests low up front. Pencil sketch scanned into Illustrator CS2, and drawn w/pen tool.
Slick Coupe - A custom rendering for a client's project Chevy. Fully customized, and rendered in Illustrator CS2 using pen tool over scanned pencil sketches.
Boat Tail - Rendering for a client's custom Auburn Boat Tail Roadster. A modern rework on a classic car icon. Pencil sketch scanned and re-drawn in Illustrator, utilizing pen tool only, no gradient meshes or filters.
CAB's Coupe - Illustration of a Model A hot rod for a skateboarding legend and talented fellow artist.
Starliner - Project rendering for a custom 1960 Starliner.
Denali M - Concept drawing, created for Truckin' Magazine to showcase the customizing potential of the new GMC Sierra Denali.
Project 56 - 1956 Chevy hot rod rendeering. Mild custom project pre-viz for hot rod builder.
Project Amnesia - A classic take on a new Pathfinder V8... an homage to the Trans Am winning Datsun 510's.
Project Panther - Illustrator artwork. Rendering of my current personal project, a hybrid of 1971 Nova and 1969 Camaro RS sheetmetal. Aside from the Grifter set (by the amazing Troy White) used in the background, this image was created entirely using the pen tool and a mouse, just to see if I could pull it off.
'32 Roadster - Comp for hot rod project design, 1932 Ford Roadster, radical wedge section through body, severe chop and lay-back on windscreen, no channel to presereve classic early lakes feel (floors will dip down behind outer rails, which conceal modern chassis). Idea was to convey the look of an early modified with the style of early European touring and sports cars, and retain an industrial feel through use of exposed hardware, and polished/machined parts versus chrome.
Lakester - Quick sketch of a traditional-style lakes roadster... Illustrator artwork, starting with loose pencil sketch from me sketchbook.
Interior Design - Design layout for a custom muscle car interior. Blending new touches to a classic Mustang interior, while retaining the original personality of the car was the goal of the project, currently in the final stages of completion.
Big and Blue - Custom concept rendering for a Kenworth project truck.
Funny Monte - Whimsical design for a Monte Carlo funny car. Was intended as a practice piece for self-promotion.
Armada GTR - Custom SUV Concept Rendering.... A just-for-kicks illustration of some Nissan GTR styling cues applied to an Armada.
Tiki Truck - Design rendering and sketches for a Tiki-themed hot rod truck project. Illustrator 10 artwork, starting with pencil sketches and refined drawings.
Bronco Boss 302 Concept - Concept rendering of a new body style Bronco, created from an Expedition and an extended cab F-150, on a mildly shortened chassis.The inspiration is derived from the new Boss 302 blocks avaialble, tied to design cues from the 1970 Boss 302 Mustang. Illustrator CS2 artwork using hand drawn pencil roughs.
Delivery - Project rendering of a 1946 Chevrolet panel delivery for a hot rod builder.
Flare Bird - Project car design proposal of a 1967 Firbird, created to mimic the Trans-Am race car style of the late 1960's.
Dream in 3D - I had been playing for months with 3D imagery, plotting to create a solid method for converting my illustrations to anaglyphs-- doing this with one image --especially an illustration-- creates a number of huge obstacles. Suffice to say, I'm figuring it out, and wanted to share a piece here, featuring a customized (my design) 1953 Ford being chased through the back woods in a moonshine era-inspired work. Break out the red/cyan glasses, and enjoy! Many more to come....
Green and Gold - Self-promotional illustration featuring a Bellflower-styled Chevy and free-form pin stripe design.
Custom 387 - A design sketch for a mildly customized Peterbilt 387. The goal was to bring a more "old school" custom big rig feel to the new Hybrid models.
Gonzo Prints - The finished prints of the Gonzo pieces... originally a mixed-media thrash -- screen print, stencil, airbrush and inks on Masonite -- and now a couple of prints... Inspired while I was writing a blog, expressing my dissatisfaction with where my art was headed at the time.
Gonzo Prints - The finished prints of the Gonzo pieces... originally a mixed-media thrash -- screen print, stencil, airbrush and inks on Masonite -- and now a couple of prints... Inspired while I was writing a blog, expressing my dissatisfaction with where my art was headed at the time.
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