Pre Show Git-Down - Twice per year, local legend Dino drops a party like no other, leading into a weekend of major car show madness. I was asked to create some artwork for posters and t-shirts, and brought in some not-so-subtle advertising for Dino's business (why not, right?), and pull in two local trucks, and some Southwest flair for the folks visiting. After all, it's not just a promo piece, it would become a souvenir! Spot color simplicity, massive detail, and a ton of fun.
Shop T-Shirt - A one-color t-shirt I designed for a fabrication company specializing in street rod and aftermarket parts. The owner wanted a one-color print with a shop scene, and I incorporated his personal project car, as well as a number of the machines he uses, and some hidden imagery to convey what his company does, as well as their Canadian heritage. Illustrator artwork using pencil sketch for guide.
Velvet 40 Deck - The completed Velvet 40 deck... Experimenting with texture and color, I was looking to create some visual interest in large areas of flat color, and succeeded, at the same time, in having pinks, purples and reds pop in and hide, depending on the view angle of the skate deck.
BMX Challenge 3 - One-color tee for the 3rd Annual Hot Rod Industry BMX Challenge... I get free run on the art each year, and went with a retro theme, throwing in a van, some action, and a serene shot of a vintage bike, just to round out everything I've been into lately! The endless-line graphic and groovy logo fit well, so I ran with 'em in a big way. Illustrator art over pencil/ink drawing.
RB Tee - T-shirt design for a used car company. The owner asked that I feature two of his cars, one, a traditional Caddy lowrider-style... the other just happens to be Pro Box, built in the '90's by Rad Rides! I took a time-warp approach, and incorporated the company's retro-style signage.
Holohan's Tee - T-shirt design for a friend's hot rod shop. Full design, three colors, vector art from pencil drawing, screen-ready art delivered.
One Lap Tee, Part Two - For the second year (and second time that the crew has entered the event), the gang with the One Lap Camaro have contacted me for some t-shirt art. This year, we're celebrating their second class win on the One Lap of America series, and I let a bit looser with a graphically-styled piece, showing the Camaro in full-race mode. Pencil sketch scanned and re-drawn in Illustrator. Full color sep's and screens were created as well.
PCK Summer Tee - A personal-promotion piece, a t-shirt design for Summer... My kids had asked for something new and cool... and this is what I came up with! Illustrator artwork, using pencil sketch and existing original work from earlier print of mine.
Night Glare - Took the 2006 SEMA tees we had created for ourselves and a few friends, and had made a poster of it back in 2007... and was asked repeatedly to make some available.... So, I took the time to freshen-up a few little things, and just ran with it. Same technique as the No. 4 Reloaded piece, scanned, output, and repeated about four times, then added details and textures with airbrush, markers, steel wool...
Concorso T-Shirt - A t-shirt I created for a friend as a promotional item for use during the 2010 Concorso Italiano. He had asked for something bold, and I ensured that we had an interesting design, and incorporated the event (as well as some proper) colors. The GranTurismo and Scuderia are the two business partner's cars for whom the shirt was created. Illustrator artwork, starting with pencil sketch. (the logo was designed prior to this project by another artist)
Number 4 Reloaded - An update to the No.4 poster from a few years back... Scanned and re-printed (scan, print, repeat) to dirty it up, then added texture with ink, marker, airbrush and paint, re-scanned and made ready for final output... Always wanted it to appear much looser!
Buisness Card/Logo - Business card and logo design for client's hot rod shop. He had requested a "surf/beach" look to go with the name, and I ran with it, on a colorful, fun piece. I aimed to create a ground metal/palm tree look at the bottom on the front, and an underwater look to the back.
One Lap Tee - T-shirt design for the 2010 Optima Batteries One Lap Camaro team. Brief was to create a shirt design incorporating the Camaro and the schedule for the One Lap of America series.
PCC Tee - T-shirt design for a client's hot rod shop. Client requested an island feel with tiki touches, and I interpreted that with a nod to vintage matchbook and menu art, utilizing simple, flat color, and subtle detail work in line weight.
Hot Rod Interior Tee - T-shirt design for a client's upholstery shop. They had requested that I include an image of the Ridler Award-winning car they designed and built the interior for, and I rendered the artwork to reflect not only stitching, but a hammered and gold leaf texture to play off of the car's name, "Gold Digger".
Muscle Tee - T-Shirt design featuring an updated classic. Engine is a musclecar-era icon with modern running gear, while the car is slammed, and loaded with attitude. Vector art over original pencil drawings, full separations.
Retro-Future T-Shirt - T-shirt design for a client's shop. Client had simply requested a shirt design that had robots and cars, and that I should "do my thing". I opted to tell a story, with a retro-future setting, and a robot building a mild custom Caddy. His little friend is offering an accessory ida, but is being waved-off in the interest of "less is more".
BMX Challenge 2 - T-shirt design for the Second Annual Hot Rod Industry BMX Challenge. Brief was wide open, and only restriction was that it be one color... I opted for a vintage Fiat altered drag racer and a flying BMX racer in a minimalist style.
Show Poster - A car show poster for a friend's one-day event. I was asked to design the event artwork, and just ran with it, bringing some energy and a slightly different style to my usual work. Ironically, it seems that one local car that attends her show just happens to be a purple '68 Charger, making this a special treat for someone. Illustrator artwork, starting with a pencil sketch.
Red Hollywood Stencil - Reworking some older digital designs with traditional tools and materials lately. This piece is a stencil, created using Mylar, frisket and cut paper, airbrush, inks and paint to build up depth, along with expanded metal and bubblewrap for texture.
Dragster Painting - Acrylic on canvas, approximately 50 x 50-inches. A front-engine dragster lighting up the starting line... originally started this piece a few years back, and finally finished it (after creating a digital version, a t-shirt, etc... full-circle!)
Midwest Tee - T-shirt for a friend's clothing start-up with a BMX theme.
BMX Challenge Poster/T-Shirt - Design for the first-annual Hot Rod Industry BMX Challenge held this past year in Louisville KY.
Willys Tee - T-shirt design for client's race car.
NSRA Event Artwork - Event artwork for a national car show event. Completed from concept through color separations and final file prep.
Richmond Nats - Artwork for the NSRA Nationals in Richmond, VA in 2008.
Promotional T-Shirt - T-shirt design for manufacturer of pre-fabricated hot rod parts. Vector artwork for screen and DTG printing.
T-Shirt Design - T-shirt design for a hot rod shop, featuring their most prominent vehicle to date.
Jeep Tee - T-shirt design for a friend. He had asked for an older "Rat Fink"-styled piece, and I was stoked to finally draw one! Singer sewing machine-powered Patriot with a "Ram Fink" crushing the gears... tons of smoke, fire and strange-ness!
Truck Tee - Promotional t-shirt design for an auto accessory business. Client wanted to show that they provide product for lifted and lowered trucks, as well as late-model performance car parts, and tie the design in with landmarks local to their Kansas City location.
No. 3 Stencil - Re-working older digital designs using traditional material;s and techniques to create a new line of posters and prints. I created stencils using an X-Acto and some Mylar (and frisket and paper, too), the airbrushed, brushed and threw paint and inks around to create a rougher look.
Fab Tee - T-shirt design for hot rod fabrication shop. Limited color palette made for some challenge, and I tried to make the most of the colors available.
Cycle Tee - T-shirt graphic design for Detroit Bros. I was asked to capture the post-apacolyptic feel of their designs, while incorporating my own "propaganda-style" artwork. The ccombination, with input for a "Syd Mead/Bladde Runner" feel works well with the indstrial-inspired bike.
Hollywood Tee - Self-promotional tee-shirt design. Illustrator artwork, using original pencil sketches.
AutoFocus T-Shirt - T-shirt artwork created for film car company. Idea was to capture their specialty of providing police and exotic cars for television and film production, on the set of a film.
Lab Tested - T-shirt design for custom truck builder.
Northeast Nats - Artwork created for the NSRA Northeast Nationals in Burlington, 1008. To appear on promotional items, decals, t-shirts, posters and ads.
Logo - Logo design for custom bed wood supplier. Client offered items they wanted to see in a logo, and we worked to combine these elemnts to provide a timeless logo that could also be utilized for t-shirts and other branding.
T-Shirt - Design for local side-by-side off road custom shop. One of seven designs for this season, incorporating a tattoo-feel and strong, bold colors to reflect the no-nonsense approach the client takes with his work.
Race Team Tee - T-shirt design for drag racing team.
Logo design - Early logo design proposal for toy line.
Media Page - A hand-out media page for Rad Rides by Troy for use in marketing and client proposals for projects. Troy had requested a quick overview of the shop, accomplishments and bio, and this is what I came up with...
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