I have experience in the fields of Concept Art for video games, being specialized in character/creature designs and environments. I have worked on all major platforms. I have worked on illustrations, comic books, storyboards and traditional animation. I am currently working in a gaming company as a Senior Concept Artist. I have also made entire 2D game assets for various projects single handedly. I have always loved playing video games ever since I was a kid and now I am enjoying making concepts for video games even more. I aim to dedicate myself to constant hard work and learning as an Artist. My ultimate goal is to work on products to make them remarkably awesome with my skills, in order to leave my mark behind.


-worked on sucessfully released PSN title "Smash n Survive" -Awarded Gold medal in DASA as Artist of the Year -Dasa Broadcast Day dec 27 2009 received Outstanding Video Award -Attained First Position in Character Design Competition at Abhinav College organised by DASA Feb 02 2008


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