“As an Industrial Designer, we create products or systems to improve ones life through innovation and beauty. But when a product cannot be reinvented at the moment, we are obliged to make it as beautiful and seductive as we can until the solution presents itself.” -Wesley Tong Specialties: Hands on skills Highly skilled in Drawing, Model Building, Technical Drawing, Slip Casting Rendering, Plaster Modeling, Illustration, Research, Branding and Identity, Metal Welding, Wood Working Software (Graphics and 3D modeling) Adobe CS, SolidWorks, KeyShot Autodesk Alias Studio 13.5 - 2008, Ashlar Vellum Graphite, Cobalt V6 Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Final Cut Pro (PC and Mac Platform)


*2014 Australian Good Design® Winner (Airsonea, iSonea) *2014 EID Excellence in Design® Award Bronze (Airsonea, iSonea) *2014 Red Dot Finalist (Airsonea, iSonea) *2008 IDSA Student Merit Award *SPR 2007 - 2008 Deans List *FALL 2006 Presidents List *FALL 2004 - 2006 Deans List



Experience & Education