William Volcoff is an experienced French designer with over 13 years of team leading, design management and art direction in various industries and countries. He enjoys blending cultures and design into compelling outputs that bring business impact to his clients. In 2004, during his early design studies, William volcoff established his design practice in Paris. After several years in Europe he moved to China and open his second office in Shanghai in 2011. He can’t stop dreaming about a better world, one that the future generation will be proud to live in and pass on. Design is the key to make this world better. Since 2016, William has join Hartmut Esslinger to lead Esslinger Studio and provide world class design education to Chinese university students. The studio's objective is to train student to think global and become future design leaders. This goal is achieve through project based training, model making and workshop with international experts.


Within the 24 finalist for the BraunnPrize 2007.

Experience & Education