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Paperbag design - Front and side of paperbag I designed for Dana & Annika wear collections.
Motorola Counter Top Display - The design was made by a co-worker then I turned it into a counter top display.
Hangten Catalogue Cover - Cover spreadsheet of Hangten Catalogue
Motorola Flyer - All rights reserved for Motorola
Brochure - A brochure for GSK to be use internally or within the company. There were 4 series of this brochure I made, the look were all the same, only the contents change.
DBP catalogue - a catalogue study for a client (DBP)
Notebook Designs - Design study of a notebook for a certain client.
Notebook Design - Design study of a notebook for a certain client.
Notebook Design - Design study of a notebook for a certain client.
Notebook Design - Another notebook design I made ^^)

myartdepot.blogspot.com is my other portfolio *wink*
Corporate Stationery
Stationeries - A stationery and calling card I created for a certain client. The calling card shows the front and back part.
BPI Stationeries - Study for BPI's stationeries and calling card. Made it simple and yet elegant or business look design.
Greeting Card - A design of a card I adopted from a book and made experiment with. Made it into a Greeting Card for a friend.
Star Awards - a logo, invitation card and souvenir/program card for GSK star awards last 2006
Sticker Label Design - A three different studies of sticker label design I created for a certain client. It's to be used for a plastic crate.
Hanger Tag - spread view, front view and application view of a hanger tag I made for a client
Tarpaulin - Tarp for Orocan, a well known plasticware brand in the Philippines. The client asked us to make a tarpaulin for its new product called Bubble Pitcher =)
Bundle Kit - bundle kit/give aways proposal submitted to client. this was approved by them so it is now available out there =)
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Challete's Art Portfolio
Creative and Experienced Graphic Designer QC, Philippines