Wind seed dispersal of a dandelion.
Germinated seed approximately 3 inches across washed up on Colombian beach.
Raindrops on leaf of an aroid.
The amazing blue berries of a Colombian shrub.
Part of a Heliconia flower spike.
Flower of a Mimosa species.
Waterliy flowers are cut and used for flower arranging/vase displays here.
Unfurled fern frond.
This flower is huge, up to 8 or more inches across.
The sensual flower of Zantedeschia aethiopica.

Various plants and flowers mainly from Malaga. Look closely at one of the pictures and spot the intruder!
If anyone can identify any of the unknown species I would be grateful if you could please contact me.

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Peter Stiles
Peter Stiles Photography & (photolibrary) Bogotá, Colombia