Full dress ceremony with navy pipers and bagpipes surprisingly.
Full dress ceremony for visiting Admirals.
Female officer using digital compact camera to take photo's of the ceremony.
Arco iris (rainbow) over the navy base at Malaga.
This was the frigate that took me to Malpelo Island. We used one of the onboard launches to take some images of the ship from the sea.
The Colombian navy employs many women such as this female aeroplane mechanic. All the planes were in immaculate condition and I felt quite safe flying with the navy pilots who are excellent.
Welding being carried out in the dry docks of the naval shipyard.
This guy is the PE instructor for the base and was built like a tank. This time I was not bothered that the reflection in the mirror was not very sharp as he was the centre of attention.
These 6 images are of colombian special forces on practice exercises. 1&2. Showing facial camouflage. 3. A simulated beach landing. 4. Jungle excercise 5. Sniper and spotter.
High speed coastguard launch doing about 40mph. I was in a similar launch, and asked by walkie talkie for this boat to do a turn and come toward us so that I could get a close up of the boat, just before it veered away. I got the shot, but both I and my equipment got drenched in seawater as the other launch passed closely by!
Gunnery practise at sunset. Using a starburst lens and graduated orange filter on the camera, has given the effect (I hope) of an exploding shell.
This is a moonlight shot shot of the frigate anchored off the island just before it departed for several days. The nearest seagull was added later in photoshop.
This image was much more difficult than it looks! Due to the fact that distance is doubled in a mirror reflection, it was not possible to get both offers and candlestick and cap sharp in the same picture. This then was a composite of the 2 images done in photoshop.

I was commissioned by a Colombian Naval admiral at Bahia Malaga to take a series of images to commemorate the base's 20th anniversary. A book of these photos has just been published and a few of these shots are in the book.

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