Villa de Leyva's first Festival of Horses 2011
Colombian riders love their horses and have a great rapport with them.
With the pole, the object is to hook the streamer of the end of the traffic cone whilst riding by.
Miniature horse & trap display.
Andalucian Horse Formation Riders
Sunset above Villa de Leyva.
Villa de Leyva has spectacular skies and sunsets
Kids are very carefree here.
Pozos Azules - a series of blue lakes a short distance out of town.
Colombians are very demonstrative of their love.
The fountain in the Plaza Mayor (town square) probably the biggest in Colombia. This picture is on the cover of this years town ourist guide.
This is a small but deep pool close to town, but little known. Great for a dip on a hot day!
Horse riding is extremely popular here.
Town Square just after sunset. I wanted to capture the view in the guy's camera.
Villa de Leyva is surrounded by semi desert. This shows Opuntia cactus and Aloe succulents, plus lichens on rock.
Reflection of bandsmen in a silver tuba at a recent bands concert.
Rainbow over Town Church
Unknown fungi. If anyone can identify this please contact me.
The golden altar of the town church.
Fashion show modeling local handmade fashion garments.
Omar - A local artist who regularly teaches children from Villa de Leyva to draw.
Opuntia tunicata located in the semi-desert near town.
This is the terrain a couple of Km out of town.
Ancient Rock archway off road to Sachica.
There are frequent festivals in the town square often fginishing with firework displays.
Villa de Leyva is situated in an area that was full of fossils, and some of the walls and paving are made of fossils. Unfortunately some pathetic tourists have been digging the fossils out of this wall and it no longer looks like this!!!
Villa de Leyva has many amazing sunsets.
Shops open on a quiet weekday evening in Villa de Leyva.
Local artist Peo sketching a girl.
Locals enjoying the evening at the Plaza Mayor.
Villa de Leyva's famous Fossil of Kronosaurus - only about 3 specimens worldwide!
My Town - Villa de Leyva

These photos show the diversity of life in and around a small Colombian colonial town of 12,000 people.
I have been living here for 10 months and love it more each month!

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Peter Stiles
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